“Apple Pie ABC” is an old English song for children, one of the most known alphabet rhymes for kids, together with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or ABC Song.

The song dates back to the 18th century and its main purpose remained an educational one.

Although it was first mentioned in 1671 in a religious book, the first published version of Apple Pie ABC appears in 1742 in the Child’s New Play-Thing, a didactic book used as a spelling tool for children. After that, the song becomes a popular educational tool both in the UK and the USA, being reprinted in many children books.

The lyrics of Apple Pie ABC has changed over time, bellow is the modern version of the song.

“Apple Pie ABC” Lyrics

Says A,
give me a good large slice,
Says B,
a little bit, but nice,
Says C,
cut me a piece of crust, Take
it, says D,
it’s dry as dust,
Says E,
I’ll eat it fast,
I will, Says F,
I vow I’ll have my fill,
Says G,
give it me good and great, Says H, a little bit I hate,
Says I,
it’s ice I must request,
Says J,
the juice I love the best,
Says K,
let’s keep it up above,
Says L,
the border’s what I love,
Says M,
it makes your teeth to chatter,
N said,
it’s nice, there’s nought the matter,
others’ plates with grief surveyed,
for a large piece begged and prayed,
quarrelled for the topmost slice,
rubbed his hands and said “it’s nice,”
silent sat, and simply looked,
thought, and said, it’s nicely cooked,
understood the fruit was cherry,
vanished when they all got merry,
wished there’d been a quince
in, X
here explained he’d need convincing,
Y said,
I’ll eat, and yield to none,
like a zany, said he’d done,
While ampersand purloined the dish,
And for another pie did wish.

“Apple Pie ABC”
Original version:

A was an Apple pie;
B bit it;
C cut it;
D dealt it;
E eat it;
F fought for it;
G got it;
H had it;
J joined it;
K kept it;
L longed for it;
M mourned for it;
N nodded at it;
O opened it;
P peeped in it;
Q quartered it;
R ran for it;
S stole it;
T took it;
V viewed it;
W wanted it;
X, Y, Z, and ampersand,
All wished for a piece in hand.

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