Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

“Matthew, Mark, Luke and John” is a well known Prayer (also called Black Paternoster) and nursery rhyme, originally sung as a gospel. The lyrics are usually repeated by kids before they go to sleep. The “Matthew, Mark, Luke and John” … Continue reading →

Little Jack Horner

The earliest version of “Little Jack Horner” nursery rhyme dates back to the 18th century England. The character Jacky Horner originated from an old fairy tale “The Fryer and the Boy”. One of the first versions of this rhyme was … Continue reading →

Hot Cross Buns

“Hot Cross Buns” is an English Easter song and nursery rhyme. The “Hot Cross Buns” are traditional sweets, eaten on Good Friday. They are small pieces of spicy cakes, also called buns, made with different kind of fruits (currants, raisins, … Continue reading →

Christmas Is Coming

“Christmas Is Coming” is a well known traditional carol talking about the meaning and symbol of Christmas: a time of celebration and goodness. We don’t know the exact origins of the Christmas Is Coming poem. The musical sheet belongs to … Continue reading →