All Nursery Rhymes

Where is Thumbkin

Where is Thumbkin is one of the most popular finger plays. Although its origins are unclear, earlier versions of the song were sung in the early 20th century. The song was popularized by Barney from …

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Baby BumbleBee

Baby BumbleBee is a traditional nursery rhyme and a gesture-play song, sharing the same tune with “The Arkansas Traveler” written in 1947 by the Arkansas State Song Selection Committee, the state song. There are several …

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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is a Christian Hymn and one of the most popular spiritual songs worldwide. It was taken over and adapted by many choruses and bands and it was translated in many languages. The lyrics …

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Oh Shenandoah

Commonly known as sea shanty “Oh Shenandoah” is a Canadian-American folk song whose origins, similar with Alouette, can be traced back to fur traders on canoes down the Missouri River, in the early 1800’s. Apparently …

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