Bye, baby Bunting

The origin of “Bye, baby Bunting” dates back in 1784. The song first appears in England known as Cry baby bunting”.

It was first been published in “The Nursery Parnassus” or Gammer Gurton’s Garland, 1784. Later in 1805 a longer version was published in Songs for the Nursery.

Today Bye, baby Bunting is very popular lullaby and nursery poem, used especially in schools in England and USA.

Bellow are the original song lyrics and the modern version:

“Bye, Baby Bunting” Lyrics

Modern Version

Bye, baby Bunting,
Daddy’s gone a-hunting,
Gone to get a rabbit skin
To wrap the baby Bunting in

“Bye, Baby Bunting”
Original Version

Bye, baby Bunting,
Father’s gone a-hunting,
Mother’s gone a-milking,
Sister’s gone a-silking,
Brother’s gone to buy a skin
To wrap the baby Bunting in