Concentration 64

Concentration 64 is a fast-paced clapping game that is often played by children in the playground. However, the structure means that it can also be adapted for use as a learning activity or to spark discussion. As well as being known as Concentration 64, it can also be sung as Concentration 54.

The rhyme is simple and sets out the rules of the game which is for each player to be able to name items in the chosen category with no repetition or hesitation. If the players are too slow in naming an item in the category that hasn’t been saying before, they lose! Once someone has lost, you simply choose a new person to recite the rhyme and choose a brand-new category.

The origins of the rhyme aren’t known but it has been played in schools for many years as well as being enjoyed in community groups and extra-curricular groups across the world.

Concentration 64 Lyrics

Concentration (3x clap)
Sixty-four (3x clap)
No repeats (3x clap)
Or hesitations (3x clap)
I’ll go first (3x clap)
You’ll go last (3x clap)
Category is: (3x clap)

After these introductory lyrics kids choose a category such as Animals, Names, Countries etc.
After the category is named all kids will start naming things in the given category.

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