Here are the Lady’s Knives and Forks

Here are the Lady’s Knives and Forks also sometimes known as Here are Mother’s Knives and Forks is a short song with a fingerplay associated to it. The tune of the song is very similar to the more popular Pop Goes the Weasel.

Fingerplay Instructions

Each instruction corresponds to one line from the rhyme:

Fingers should be interlaced like knives and forks.
Palms should be facing down forming a table.
With fingers kept interlaced, the palms should be turned towards you as in looking into a mirror.
Interlaced hands should be put up and a rocked back and forth to simulate the motion of a cradle.

“Here are the Lady’s Knives and Forks”Lyrics

Here are the lady’s knives and forks,
Here is the lady’s table,
Here is the lady’s looking-glass,
And here is the baby’s cradle.

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