Ip Dip

Ip Dip is often used to determine who will be “it” in a game of tag or other playground games. It is a simple and fun way for children to make decisions and assign roles in a group.

The exact origin of the rhyme “Ip Dip” is not well documented, but it appears to have originated in the United Kingdom and is believed to have been first played by children in the 19th century.

Over time, variations of the game have emerged, with different phrases and rules, but the basic concept of pointing at a group of people and counting to choose the next person to be “it” remains the same.

Ip Dip Lyrics

Ip dip, sky blue.
Who’s it? Not you.
Not because you’re dirty,
Not because you’re clean,
My mother says you’re the fairy queen.

Alternative Versions

Ip dip dip, my blue ship,
Sailing on the water,
Like a cup and saucer,
O – U – T spells out.


Ip dip do,
The cats got flu,
The dogs got chickenpox
So out goes YOU.

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