In Russian Kalinka means snowball tree, and the song is one of the most popular Russian folk songs. Kalinka is also associated with the famous traditional dance Preesyadka.

The song is a composition by the famous folklorist Ivan Larionov (1860) who included it for the first time in a theater show in Saratov. Since then, Kalinka has been part of Russia’s popular choral repertoire.

Kalinka Lyrics

“Kalinka” Russian Lyrics

Калинка, калинка,
калинка моя!
В саду ягода малинка,
малинка моя!

Сосенушка ты зелёная
Не шуми ты надо мной
Ай люли, люли, ай, люли, люли,
Не шуми ты надо мной


Красавица, душа-девица,
Полюби же ты меня,
Ай, люли, люли, aй, люли, люли,
Полюби же ты меня!


“Kalinka” English Translation

Little red berry,
Little red berry of mine!
In the garden is a little raspberry,
My little raspberry!

Under the green pine tree
Lay me down to sleep
Oh, lyuli, lyuli, oh, lyuli, lyuli,*
Lay me down to sleep.


Beautiful woman, soul-maiden,
Fall in love with me!
Oh, lyuli, lyuli, oh, lyuli, lyuli,
Fall in love with me!


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