Little Sally Walker

Little Sally Walker is a circle game popular among kids, especially girls. Often times when boys play the same game in groups, the lyrics are changed to Willy Wally Walker.

All the players are dancing in a circle, one of them is Sally Walker and stays in the middle. The kids are dancing and clapping while singing the lyrics. On the verse “So she stopped in front of me” Sally Walker, the player in the middle will stop in front of someone.

On the verse “So she stopped in front of me” the “Sally walker” player will stop in front of someone in the circle and while saying: “Hey girl (boy) do your thing /Do your thing and switch!” they switch places and they repeat the verse dancing face to face. Then the new Sally walker goes in the middle and the dance continues until the next “switch”.

In march 2019 a song based on this rhyme was recorded by Australain rapper Iggy Azalea.

“Little Sally Walker” Lyrics

Little Sally Walker
Walking down the street.
She didn’t know what to do
So she stopped in front of me.
She said, “Hey girl, do your thing,
Do your thing and switch!
Hey girl do your thing
Do your thing and switch!”

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