The Man in the Moon Came Down Too Soon

There is an ancient legend that the moon is inhabited by a man with a bundle of sticks on his back.

He was banished to live in the moon because he insisted on collecting his sticks on the Sabbath, instead of resting as he should have done.

Plum porridge is an earlier version of plum pudding , cooked without the cloth which helps the pudding maintain its shape.

The man in the moon is mentioned in the Charles Dickens book David Copperfield, by Mrs Macawber.

Norwich is a town in the east of England just north of London. It’s pronounced No-rich, with the no as in not.

“Man in the Moon Came Down Too Soon” Lyrics

The man in the moon,
Came tumbling down,
And asked his way to Norwich;
He went by the south,
And burned his mouth
While supping cold plum porridge.