Lavender’s Blue

“Lavender’s Blue” is English folk song and lullaby song. This is a very old ditty first found in print during the late 17th century. The rhyme shares the same tune with Diddle Diddle. “Lavender’s Blue” …

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Three Little Kittens

“Three Little Kittens” is an American nursery rhyme and folksong having its origins in English folk. The modern version of “Three Little Kittens” rhyme was written by Eliza Lee Cabot Follen. It was first published …

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On Top of Old Smoky

“On Top of Old Smokey” or “On Top of Old Smoky” is a traditional nursery rhyme and folksong. There aren’t many evidences about the origin of this song and its author is unknown. Most commonly …

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Frog Went A Courtin

Originally from Scotland, “Frog Went A Courtin” is now a very popular American folk-song and nursery rhyme. The rhyme first appeared in 1548 titled “The frog came to the myl dur” (Scots language) in Wedderburn’s …

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Bobby Shafto

“Bobby Shafto” is an English folk song and nursery rhyme, mostly associated with Robert Shafto, a British Member of Parliament for County Durham (elected in 1730) who used this song in his election campaign. In …

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