International Rhymes

De Colores

“De Colores” (Of colors) is a popular and beloved song in Spanish-speaking countries, with unclear origins. Associated mainly with Mexican folklore was most likely imported in Americas from the colonial period. “De Colores” Lyrics Canción …

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Alouette, one of the most popular French songs known worldwide, is about plucking the feathers of a lark. Alouette Song Origins Most probably Alouette song has French-Canadian origin as the first published version appeared in …

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Funiculì, Funiculà

The Italian song “Funiculì, Funiculà” dates from 1880 and was originally written in the Neapolitan dialect by composer Luigi Denza and journalist Peppino Turco (lyrics) to inaugurate the first funicular cable on Mount Vesuvius. Besides …

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Bella Ciao

The famous Italian song “Bella Ciao” is a protest anthem sung around the world as an anti-fascist symbol of resistance and freedom. Who sang the original “Bella Ciao”? This version is an adaptation of an …

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La Cucaracha

The Spanish song “La Cucaracha” became popular during the Mexican revolution around 1910. With quite obscure Spanish origins, the song was modified over time by groups and individuals according to spontaneous situations, cultural and political …

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