Modern rhymes

Cleanup song

Set in the tune of the popular “Finger Family” rhyme, the clean up song is a fun song that will teach kids the importance of helping around the house. “Cleanup song” Lyrics Baby Eva, Brother …

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The sharing song

The sharing song teaches kids to share things with their peers. In this particular song, Baby Eva, the cute character from Binki Kids is the main protagonist. Of course, parents will choose to create their …

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The Fruits Song

A favourite of parents of picky eaters, the fruit song is a modern song that describes different fruits like oranges, bananas, strawberries and pineapples. “The Fruits Song” Lyrics I love oranges. They’re orange and round …

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Baby Shark Dance

The Baby Shark Dance was originally a campfire song. The Baby Shark song gained a new audience and massive popularity when German singer Alemuel uploaded a video of “Kleiner Hai”online, a German version of the …

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Splash Splash

Splash Splash is a fun song often sung during bathtime or right before it. The lyrics can be expanded too, referencing all body parts while they are being washed. “Splash Splash” Lyrics I love to …

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Ten Green Bottles

“Ten Green Bottles” is a modern nursery rhyme and counting song very popular among children especially in United Kingdom. It is one of the easiest way to teach the children the countdown. The funniest way …

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