Traditional nursery rhymes

Please choose from our selection below where we have included the most popular traditional nursery rhymes of all times.

Bye, baby Bunting

The origin of “Bye, baby Bunting” dates back in 1784. The song first appears in England known as Cry baby bunting”. It was first been published in “The Nursery Parnassus” or Gammer Gurton’s Garland, 1784. …

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Bobby Shafto

“Bobby Shafto” is an English folk song and nursery rhyme, mostly associated with Robert Shafto, a British Member of Parliament for County Durham (elected in 1730) who used this song in his election campaign. In …

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Bingo (song)

“Bingo” is a spelling-song for kids. Although there were found some references about similar songs, the oldest one dating back to late 18th century, the origin of this nursery rhyme is uncertain. It was first …

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Billy Boy

Original from 19th century England, “Billy Boy” is a traditional nursery rhyme and folk song, popular in America. The song is probably a version of Lord Randall, and it was first known as Willie Lad …

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A Tisket A Tasket

“A Tisket A Tasket” is a popular nursery rhyme original from the USA, dating back to 1879. The words Tisket-Tasket, have no specific meaning, it is a word play made up to go with the …

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Apple Pie ABC

“Apple Pie ABC” is an old English song for children, one of the most well-known alphabet rhymes for kids along with the ABC Song. The song was first seen printed in 1742 in “Child’s New …

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Alphabet Song

There are many known versions of the alphabet song in different languages. Each of them follows the same pattern, helping children learn the order and the spelling of the alphabet letters. Some of the most …

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Aiken Drum

“Aiken Drum” is a very well known Scottish nursery rhyme, dating back to 1820. Its origin is related to the Battle of Sheriffmuir (1715). The song was first published in James Hogg’s Jacobite Reliques a …

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