Traditional nursery rhymes

Please choose from our selection below where we have included the most popular traditional nursery rhymes of all times.

Deck the Halls

Deck the Hall is a traditional Christmas carol dating back to the sixteenth century. Traditionally it has been a Welsh song and even the melody is taken from another Welsh song “Nos Galan” or “New …

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Betty Botter

Betty Botter is one of the toughest yet more popular English tongue twisters. Originally it was known as “The Butter Betty Bought” and it was written by Carolyn Wells. Since its first publication in 1899, …

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Kookaburra Song

Kookaburra is an Australian children’s song and round, well known in all English-speaking countries, composed by professor Marion Sinclair in 1932. It refers to the Kookaburra, a bird that lives in Australia that “sits in …

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Down by the Bay

The traditional song “Down by the Bay” was brought back to the public’s attention in 1976 when the children’s musician Raffi included it in the album “Singable Songs for the Very Young”. Although an old …

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Skip to My Lou

“Skip to My Lou” is a singing-game and dance, famous since the 1840s. Searching for the origins of this partner-stealing game, musician Stephen Frederick Starr recalls its resemblance to the African-American dance “Lolotte Pov’piti Lolotte”. …

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La Cucaracha

The Spanish song “La Cucaracha” became popular during the Mexican revolution around 1910. With quite obscure Spanish origins, the song was modified over time by groups and individuals according to spontaneous situations, cultural and political …

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Draw a Pail of Water

Draw a Pail of Water (known in the USA as “Draw a bucket of water”) is an traditional nursery rhyme that first appeared published in “The Nursery Rhymes of England: Obtained Principally from Oral Tradition” …

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