Sick Song

The Sick Song is a nice and catchy tune perfect to sing to the little ones when they are feeling ill.

“Sick Song”Lyrics

Little Baby doesn’t seem right,
She has lost her appetite,
She turned away her favorite toy,
Baby isn’t having much joy

Baby’s temperature is high,
All she does is grumble and cry,
it’s time for baby’s medicine,
Being sick isn’t very fun.

Little Baby here’s a drink,
In your favourite bottle that’s white and pink,
Drink it up you’ll be better soon
Let’s put the TV on ñ look it’s your favorite cartoon!

A blocked nose doesn’t feel the best,
Maybe little baby should have a rest,
Wrap her up and hold her close,
Poor little baby has a very red nose.

Baby’s waking up from her afternoon nap,
Someone’s feeling better, thank goodness for that!
With love and care from her family
Baby’s feeling better and baby’s happy!

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