To Bed, To Bed

To Bed, To Bed also known as “Come, Let’s to Bed” is a nursery rhyme that first appeared published in “Traditional Nursery Songs of England With Pictures by Eminent Modern Artists” by Sir Henry Cole in 1843 and later republished in the beloved “The Little Mother Goose” in 1912.

“Come Let’s To Bed” Lyrics

Original Version

The first version of the song had four lines:

Come, let’s go to bed, says sleepy-head,
Let’s stay awhile, says slow,
Put on the pot, says greedy-gut,
We’ll sup before we go.

Alternative Version

“To bed! To bed!”
Says Sleepy-head;
“Tarry awhile,” says Slow;
“Put on the pan,”
Says Greedy Nan*;
“We’ll sup before we go.”

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