Trot Trot To Boston

Trot Trot to Boston is a nursery rhyme originating in Massachusetts. The two towns mentioned in the rhyme, Boston and Lynn are quite close to each other, Lynn being 14 miles north of Boston thus the song is about a horse ride along the ocean between the two cities. Sometimes the names of the cities are changed. Also, “baby” in the lyrics can be changed with the name of the baby that is being held.

The song is usually sung while the baby sits gently on top of the parent’s knees and is being moved up and down. The song becomes faster as it progresses. During the last verse “You don’t fall in” the knees are opened and the baby is lifted with the hands so as not to fall in. If the longer version is sung, when the lyrics say “don’t fall over”, baby should lean sideways and kept from falling over.

Trot Trot To Boston Lyrics

Trot trot to Boston,  
Trot trot to Lynn,  
Watch out little baby,  
Or you might fall in!

Alternatively the song may continue like this:

Trot, trot to Boston,  
Trot, trot to Dover, 
Watch out baby 
You don’t fall over!

Trot, trot to Boston,  
Trot, trot to Town, 
Watch out baby 
You don’t fall down!

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