Way Up High in the Apple Tree

Way Up High in the Apple Tree is a rhyme that has a fingerplay associated with it. The second line can be changed with any number instead of “two” and the song can be repeated, each time with one less apple smiling, it can be used as a counting-out rhyme as well.

Fingerplay Instructions

Each action below coresponds to one line of the song:

Raise arms high above your head
Rub your hands on your cheeks
Shake your body or pretend shaking a tree
Make a downword motion with both hands
Rub your belly.

“Way Up High in the Apple Tree” Lyrics

Way up high in the apple tree,
Two red apples smiled at me.
I shook that tree as hard as I could,
Dooowwwwwwwn came an apple,
Mmmm, it was good!

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