Lullaby songs

Splash Splash

Splash Splash is a fun song often sung during bathtime or right before it. The lyrics can be expanded too, referencing all body parts while they are being washed. “Splash Splash” Lyrics I love to …

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Lavender’s Blue

“Lavender’s Blue” is English folk song and lullaby song. This is a very old ditty first found in print during the late 17th century. The rhyme shares the same tune with Diddle Diddle. “Lavender’s Blue” …

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Early to Bed

This is a very old rhyme, dating back as far as the 15th century. It was very popular in the 19th century when there was another verse preceding this one which went: “The cock crows …

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Wee Willie Winkie

“Wee Willie Winkie” is a nursery rhyme original from the Scotland written by William Miller. The lyrics were published for the first time in the Scottish poetry and song anthology ” Whistle-binkie” in 1841. An …

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Rock-a-bye Baby

“Rock-a-bye Baby (also known as Hush a Bye Baby) is an 18th century English nursery rhyme and lullaby. This very popular rhyme probably originates from the days when women working in the hop fields, would …

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Bye, baby Bunting

The origin of “Bye, baby Bunting” dates back in 1784. The song first appears in England known as Cry baby bunting”. It was first been published in “The Nursery Parnassus” or Gammer Gurton’s Garland, 1784. …

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